About Us

The Cutters & Cloth story all starts with the gift of a sewing machine.
I come from a family of sewists.  Both Grandmas, my mother and my sister were (and are) accomplished sewists. I have spent a lifetime peering over their shoulders, watching with envy as they create – quilts, costumes, baby clothes and related accoutrement, you name it.  Myself, I kept it to simpler fare – plunking away on my 1960’s era hand-me-down machine, fighting with tension and stitch length, never satisfied completely with what I had created. Then, for my birthday my family gifted me a brand-new sewing machine and I was hooked. The day my eye set upon a certain bib overall pattern (you know the one), my journey into garment sewing began. I ate, slept and dreamt about sewing. However, when I went in search of quality garment fabric, I became frustrated with the limitations of my local big-box store. “But where else can I source fabric in Canada?”, I wondered.  And so, Cutters & Cloth was born. 
Our goal is to provide the home sewist with beautiful, swoon-worthy textiles to feed your sewing obsession. We are so excited to be a part of this community and to help you bring your visions to reality.  Let’s start dreaming together!